EMI Project

Ecosystem of Medical Information

EMI Project

The EMI (Ecosystem of Medical Informatics) platform is aims at achieving the following three objectives.
That is the system that realizes improvement of medical science by guaranteeing the safety, security & inte-operability of medical information and aggregating the data using big data analytics and artificial intelligence on the Blockchain platform
We are convinced that this new medical infrastructure that the EMI platform creates will increase the life span of the people around the world.

Secured Sharing of Medical Information with complete tracebility
Aggregation of Medical Information from multiple sources
Utilizing medical information for Big Data Analytics
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1 EMI token price
152,043,520 EMI
EMI Project

Medical Information Sharing

Medical data is valuable to users themselves. But we cannot recognize the value of medical data correctly. Unfortunately, I myself did not know where the result of the medical examination received last year was,
and the medical institution which I visited the other day prescribed medicine, but I do not know well what kind of examination result was given.

Medical Tourism

In recent years, the demand from foreign countries for Japanese medical care has grown, and medical institutions also actively accept such as preparing medical interpreters and promoting to overseas.

Among them, there are restrictions on overseas withdrawal of the country’s currency depending on the country, and it is difficult to pay for the expensive treatment.

Settlement at ESTdoc

At EST Corporation, we are providing the hospital reservation service and search site ESTdoc (https://ESTdoc.jp) since 2013. ESTdoc currently gathers 3 million PV access per month, and through this service, about 10,000 medical treatment appointments are held monthly.
We will introduce EMI coin settlement system to ESTdoc.

AI Medical Development

We will utilize the provided medical data and advance the development of AI medical care. It is undoubtedly true that there are many people who cannot receive appropriate medical care due to financial and geopolitical problems around the world. By utilizing remote medical treatment with AI, we can atleast solve some of these problems.

Our Strategy and Project Plan
2018 / 1Q
Issuance of EMI token
Start notifying service to business partners
2018 / 2Q
Start EMI token sale
2018 / 4Q
Release of data sharing function of screening data
Start distribution of tokens to medical information providers
Establish overseas branch office of EST Corporation
2019 / 1Q
Start selling data
Application release for users for data management
Start research and development of medical AI
2019 / 3Q
EC site launch for sales of health relatedhealth-related products
2020 / 1Q
Start selling medical materials for medical institutions
Formulation of standard medical data format of EMI platform
Release of electronic medical record fully compatible with EMI platform
API release for conversion from each medical data format to EMI display data
Start receiving acceptance of electronic medical chart data
Start selling electronic medical record data
Start receiving acceptance of vital data
AI medical service release
Release of national version electronic medical record
Start introducing EMI platform to foreign medical institutions
Our Team
Fumihiro Shimizu

EST Corporation INC.

Jun Asama
Director CFO

EST Corporation INC.

Isanao Morii

EST Corporation INC.

Takuto Nishizaki


Kenichi Sugiyama
Outside Director

EST Corporation inc.

Aditya Tallapragada
Executive Advisor

CEO, AKT Consulting Group

Ryo Kamido

ESTdoc inc.

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